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How to order


1. First make sure you have purchased the appropriate a gift box or gift bag.


2. Now proceed to adding your items to your shopping cart.


3. Using the dropdown add all your items individually to your cart.


4. You may include additional items from any of the other brands.


5. Remember you can also include any of our other products to your cart.



About the brand


Kwakuhle Creations, founded by Nwabisa Kwesaba is a Cape Town based Luxury Home Fragrance Brand. The products particularly resonate with enthusiasts who enjoy scents and beautifying environments. Derived from the word KWAKUHLE! which is an expression of all things beautiful and joyous. Her business is a manifestation of creating those beautiful memories and spaces for you.


Nwabisa has always been passionate about crafts and creating things. A few years back she discovered the power of scents and before she new it she had scented candles everywhere. She then started researching wax and fragrances, which resulted in the birth of Kwakuhle Creations in 2020.


Kwakuhle Creations

PriceFrom R110.00
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