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1. First make sure you have purchased the appropriate gift box or gift bag.


2. Now proceed to adding your items to your shopping cart.


3. Using the dropdown add all your items individually to your cart.


4. You may include additional items from any of the other brands.


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About the brand

Sheba Feminine was started in 2017 by Zizipho Ntobongwana, as a reaction towards commercial menstrual care products containing tons of harsh chemicals and plastic. These products are not only harmful to people that menstruate, but to the environment as well.


Sheba aims to normalise dialogue around periods specifically and instead of it being a taboo they want these lived experiences to be mainstream. Through a series of educational frameworks such as workshops, online videos and blogs, they try to empower all people that menstruate.

Sheba Feminine

PriceFrom R26.00
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