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How to order


1. First make sure you have purchased the appropriate gift box or gift bag.


2. Now proceed to adding your items to your shopping cart.


3. Using the dropdown add all your items individually to your cart.


4. You may include additional items from any of the other brands.


5. Remember you can also include any of our other products to your cart.



About the brand

Namhla Collection is an African traditional cosmetic and home spa amenity brand founded by Namhla Nada-Nanda Dotwana. Since opening their virtual doors in 2020, they have become master’s of their craft one day at a time.


Their products are not only manufactured with precision and passion, but they are handcrafted with Africa’s golden herb of purpose and promise called Imphepho, the African sage.

Namhla Collection

PriceFrom R50.00
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